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We fight rainforest deforestation by intelligently rewarding and empowering caretakers with a cutting-edge proof-of-care consensus system and suite of AI-powered conservation tools.

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More than 80% of deforestation in the Amazon is local farmers making room for crops and cattle. Small financial incentives to caretakers have been shown to cut deforestation in half. However, verifying who takes care of what in the Amazon is a hugely labor-intensive task. We realized that people with financial stakes are incentivized to act as caretakers and built a transparent, scalable platform that allows anyone to become a stakeholder via blockchain-powered smart contracts. To help stakeholders be effective caretakers, we're building AI-powered tools, starting with our neural network-powered predictions of areas-at-risk for deforestation.

Donors: Make monetary donations that we can redistribute to caretakers. See where and when your support impacts conservation efforts in real-time thanks to our transparent smart contract redistribution system.

Caretakers: Take responsibility for ensuring a certain patch of the Amazon is protected against deforestation. Select your patch and stake a voluntary amount of money. After the conservation period is over (1/3/6 months), if your forest still stands, you get your initial stake back plus a reward. If not, your stake is used to support future caretakers. Rewards are calculated based on the level of difficulty of the conservation, how many stakeholders there are in that patch, and other factors.

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